RV! Academy aims to be the preferred institution of learning offering international education in Asia to inspire, educate and transform children of today to champions of success of tomorrow.

RV! Academy¡¯s mission is to offer quality international education systems at affordable pricing for the overall development of each child as a well-rounded individual who would seek and realise his or her potential to bring about success and improvement in the quality of life in his or her environment.


Motto :     *BRILLIANCE     *VISION     *SUCCESS

Brilliance : A good education provides the foundation to a bright future.
Vision : Napoleon once said ¡°When the vision is clear, the obstacles will give way.¡± The academy¡¯s unique blend of international and asian learning curriculum will facilitate each child to seek and realize his or her true vision in life.
Success : Instilling a passion of success is the cornerstone of developing a child¡¯s self-confidence. The academy¡¯s mission of developing well-rounded children of today to success stories of tomorrow.