Our Services

RV! ExecutiveRVi Executive (Corporate Programes, Consultancy and Incentive Trips)

The management development arm of RV Centre has been put in place to provide quality and professional people skills programs and consulting services. Since 1997, actively involve in providing public and In-house management training & consultancies to its impressive list of clients that include multinationals and big local corporations. The uniqueness of RV's system has been its systematic and flexible approach to training and consultancy, tailoring its methods to suit the clients to ensure experiential learning.

Student Placement and Oversea Training  RVi SPOT ( Student Placement Overseas Training )

The role of the RVi CENTRE SPOT is to implement the Plan, Prepare and Place model in our education centres. The students that came to our students would be advised and guided by our trained education specialists. These education specialists had undergone training and assessment by the Singapore Tourism Board and had sat for an examination with regards to the education system in Singapore.

Based on each individual studentí»s strength and level of education, the education specialists would plan the education path together with the students. They prepare the students by advising the courses and programs that would enrich knowledge in international examination. Lastly, but not least the education specialistí»s final role is to place the students to the education institution of their choice. All administration process, travelling matters such as visa application and process will be prepared and handled by the education specialist till the day the student left the country to further their studies.

Study Studio   Study Studios ( Academic, Languages and Preparation Programs)

RV CENTRE Study Studios are Academic Preparation Centres that offers a comprehensive range of programs from English, to IELTS preparation to Pre-University and Pre-College programs The study studio is designed to accommodate maximum of 25 students in a classroom. The classroom has a conducive environment and an up-to-date classroom management. The lessons are taught by our qualified foreign academic consultants. Our academic consultants are meticulously selected and went through on the job training.

RV! Junior   RVi Junior ( Pre-School & Kindergarten)

The youngest member of the RVi CENTRE Organisation. RVi CENTRE JUNIOR is an education centre for our youngest students, the toddlers ranging from 2 years to 6 years. Lessons for these toddlers will be from the TOWN FOR KIDS program that is being used in some of the day care centres, kindergartens in Singapore. The syllabus and curriculum are thematic and students learn by playing. Our students will not realised that they are learning new concepts or topics, this is because the lessons are planned and structured in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable for them.

RV! READ   RVi READ ( News Periodicals, Magazines Books)

The RVi CENTRE READ provided subscription services to the customers and also to our overseas offices and academies. It is a one-stop education resources.We subscribed foreign reading materials, journals, periodicals, magazines and the newspapers for our customers. The teaching materials and aids, resources and textbooks used by our academies and education centres are also handled by the RVi CENTRE READ!

RV! Library   RVi Library

The RVi library is situated at our RVi CENTRE YANGON. This library is open not only to our RVi students but it is also for the public. There are more than 10,000 books, materials and resources to be borrowed from the library. The library is open daily from Tudesday