District 3 Second English Festival

RV Centre@Saigon and DOET3 in the Second English Festival 2010/2011
RV Centre@Saigon was invited by the Department of English Training(District 3) to sponsor and co-host the Second English Festival 2010. RV role is to record and produced two(2) audio clips of a story. The story of Aladdin and the Magic lamp was chosen for the Secondary schools and Little Red Riding Hood was chosen for the Primary schools respectively. All the schools in the district 3 with Intensive English program were invited to participate and support the festival. The students have to listen to the audio clip and re-write the story. RV selected the top 3 entries for each category based on their written submission. The students then performed the play on stage. Marks were awarded based on props, acting and speaking skills. Points were also awarded based on the students' abilities to answer the judges questions.
doet1 doet2
doet3 doet4
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