RV shared the news of scholarships to a group of Secondary school students
In the early morning of 9th of October, 125 students from Ngo Tat To Secondary school in Phu Nhuan District waited eagerly in their school¡¯s conference hall for the talk on ¡°Scholarships and benefits?¡±

A demo lesson that was modified based on their Vietnamese text book "Teng Anh " Chapter 6 was delivered. Questions asked during the class showed the enthusiasms of the students.
The atmosphere of a typical classroom, the barrier between the students and teachers were soon torn down. The rushes of hands from the students and the desperate look in their face to catch the facilitator attention to give them the wireless microphone so that they can answer the question were overwhelming. The students soon learned that lessons conducted at RV centre are different from what they have experienced. At last, when all the questions were answered the consensus from their feedback form that they want to move on to the next step of taking a pre-test in their schools will be tabulated and given to the school¡¯s headmaster. The team will like to thank the students and the School for their support

For details of the demo class and Scholarships talk ¨C please contact RV! Centre Saigon at Tel: 6299 1991/92 or drop us an email at sgn@rvcentre.com.sg
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