International Teachers' Day was celebrated at Poe Sein on 5th September 2012. Students brought cooked food from their homes and provided teachers with a scrumptious feast! They did this to express their gratitude and love to their teachers for investing all those hours into their education. Teachers were deeply touched by the effort that students had put in to show appreciation. Many had prepared soups, curries and other Asian dishes, while others baked entire cakes for their teachers! All in all, both the teachers and students were incredibly satisfied with the outcome. Here at RVi Poe Sein Centre, we want our students not only to excel academically, but to have a sound foundation of morals and values. Events such as this one, solidify our education philosophy and work towards inculcating our future leaders with the correct principles and moral values.
 Teachers' Day Celebration @ RVi CENTRE Poe Sein

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