Profile of RV! Centre's Training Providers and Consultants

Alec Ang

Senior Business & Management Consultant
Alec is the Group Managing Director of RV Group of Companies. He has more than 22 years of experience in managing projects and cementing relationships with Government authorities, regulatory and industry organisations across the Asia Pacific. Since 1979, he has served in many senior positions with DHL Worldwide Express Service. Alec was the International Affairs Director, DHL Asia Pacific. Over the past 30 years, he has been an active Grassroots and Community Leader. Alec was conferred the National Day Award of Public Service Medal (PBM) by the President of Singapore in November 1996 and Service to Education Award in 2001. Alec is a lively and professional consultant with a strong touch with the masses.

Argus Ang
BBA (Hons), MBA

Business & Management Consultant
Argus is a dynamic and articulate consultant with an extensive experience in management and personal development training. For the past 5 years, he has impressed audiences in both developing and developed countries with his unique training approaches and lively speaking style. A widely traveled person, Argus has spent the past 8 years setting up and managing businesses in 6 developing countries in Asia .

Argus is a firm believer of the power of NOW, and he shares it with passion in his seminars and workshops. Argus also shares his sales experience in his ˇ°selling skillsˇ± workshops. His programs in attitude and personal change management are perhaps most widely labeled as unconventional and special.

Peter Chow
MBA G.Dip (Business), B.Eng.

Human Resource & Training Consultant
Peter Chow is a seasoned HR Professional with a wealth of more than 20 years of varied and international experience in HRD which included large Government-linked Companies and Multi-National Companies. He had also worked with the Singapore National Employer Federation where he was a Senior Consultant on HRM and Industrial Relations for 3 years serving mainly the Petroleum and Manufacturing Sector. During his HR career, he had been involved extensively in designing Training and Employee Development schemes, with special emphasis on ˇ®fast track development' of talented staff. His motto for Companies ˇ®on the go' is best summed as: ˇ°An experienced HR Consultant will make a Competitive Difference!ˇ±

Jenny Ho
B Soc Sci (Hons), MBA

Centre and Training Manager
Jenny brrings with her a wealth of administrative, Human Resource and corporate training experience having worked in various departments of PSA Singapore.

Through her involvement in community service as the President of Orchid Jaycees and as the Conference Director of Jaycees International, Jenny conducted a series of leadership and personal development training courses to international participants.

Since her posting to Myanmar, Jenny has conducted trainings at public workshops and in-house programmes.
Jenny was the Honorary Treasurer of Singapore Association of Myanmar in 2004/2005 and is the current Honorary Secretary of Singapore Association of Myanmar.

Mr. Tony Kiang L K
TONY has worked in the Human Resource Development industry since 1986 marketing Corporate training workshops and inhouse programmes in Singapore and overseas.

He also worked in the Travel and Tourism industry for companies like Thomas Cook and Diners World Travel for 8 years working his way up to the management position of Operations manager before starting a Singapore Training Consulting Company. The main industries he has serviced include : IT, banking , airline, logistics to manufacturing and educational field.

Tony holds professional qualifications in Training and Development, (University of Leicester, England) Outdoor Experiential Learning from Merribrook Adventures (Australia), Temasek Experiential Learning Centre (Singapore) and ITE AZ Adventure Park Coupled with this, he has extensive work experience in Indonesia and Malaysia for the last 20 years. He worked with expatriate MNC Managers from the Asia Pacific region Recently he advised a VP of an International Financial Institution on local Work Culture and Practices.

He is the National WSTP trainer with PA for retrenched workers. In 2002, he conducted the WITS Leader Programme for MINDEF for 18 months. Tony's work has taken him to Brunei, Myanmar and Malaysia through workshops and inhouse programmes to nationalities from all walks of life.

Ms. Helen Lee
Helen is a Human Resource Consultant for over fifteen years, she has been involved in the designing and delivering of programmes for companies for various industries including hotel, retail, manufacturing, banking and public sectors. She also spent 8 years in the Ministry of Defense in different capacities including as Assiatant Director in SAF Music & Drama Company - handling Human Resource and Logistics matter; In Media Relations - handling press relations & press release; and also In Career Development & Planning for staff. She has also worked for a large department store as a Sales Supervisor being responsible for the sales and management of the section. She has also conducted training for senior government officials in Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and East Timor under the Singapore Co-operation Programme/ Initiative for ASEAN Intergration, for the last three years.

Thu-Zar Lwin

Senior Training Manager
She was extensively involved in training research and development at Myanmar Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (currently know as Myanmar Agriculture Development Bank) where she served as Asst. Manager from 1990 to 1996. In that capacity she conducted training for officers of organizations under Ministry of Finance and Revenue.

She has joined RV! CENTRE YANGON since 1999, and has conducted training programmes including English Language, Selling Skills, Teambuilding Skills, other Soft Skills and Life Skills for College Preparatory Classes.

Mark Goh

Senior Logistics Consultant

A former Colombo Plan Scholar, Prof. Goh holds a Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide . In the National University of Singapore, he holds the appointments of Principal Researcher at the Centre for Transportation Research and Associate Director (Education) of the Logistics Institute -Asia Pacific, a joint venture with Georgia Tech, USA. His current research interests focus on supply chain strategy, performance measurement, buyer-seller relationships and reverse logistics.

Mr. Lee Yak Whatt
Business Training Consultant
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