RVi Academy    Vision and Mission

RV! Academy aims to be the preferred institution of learning offering international education in Asia to inspire, educate and transform children of today to champions of success of tomorrow.

RV! Academy¡¯s mission is to offer quality international education systems at affordable pricing for the overall development of each child as a well-rounded individual who would seek and realise his or her potential to bring about success and improvement in the quality of life in his or her environment.

Motto :     *BRILLIANCE     *VISION     *SUCCESS

Brilliance :

A good education provides the foundation to a bright future.

Vision :

Napoleon once said ¡°When the vision is clear, the obstacles will give way.¡± The academy¡¯s unique blend of international and asian learning curriculum will facilitate each child to seek and realize his or her true vision in life.

Success :

Instilling a passion of success is the cornerstone of developing a child¡¯s self-confidence. The academy¡¯s mission of developing well-rounded children of today to success stories of tomorrow.
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