About Us

RVi Centre is a social enterprise aimed at making a difference to the world through providing education and training opportunities to students and other learners internationally.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to provide education services for social purposes. As an education specialist, we provide educational guidance and counseling for students so that they will be able to further or pursue their education goals.

The company originally started out as a publisher involved in several successful joint-governmental projects such as the Vietnam Trade Directory 1995/96, the Myanmar Trade Directory 1997/98, the Singapore Packaging Industries Directory 1998/99 and 2000/01. In 2001, the publishing business of the company has been restructured under RV Media World Pte Ltd

Since 1997, the company has also embarked on a successful regionalisation strategy of bringing education development to developing countries. The education development business is instrumental in the development of RVi Centres in the region. Today, the company is often seen as a credible education consultancy in Singapore and emerging markets through its network of regional offices and creative marketing.


Perfect Score at RVi Saigon

RV Saigon congratulates all our students that took part in the Singapore Polytechnics and Republic Polytechnics assessment examination and obtained scholarships to study in Singapore for 3 years. Most of these …

GEM Global College

GEM Global College, in collaboration with our associate colleges and universities abroad,offers a broad range of courses ranging from Pre-Degree to Undergraduate, Pre-MBA to Post Graduate Courses and Executive Training …